Reliable, value-priced protection against a wide range of particles. Engineered to provide 95% filtration efficiency.

Usage/ Application

PN-95 respirators are primarily designed to protect the wearer against certain airborne particles by reducing exposure to harmful particles which are small enough to be inhaled.


Straps: Hollow tube elastic
Nose Clip: PP based 2 core wire
Inner Layer, Outer Layer and Filter: Polypropylene, SSMMS



Testing & Certification

TUV - ASTM F2100 Breathability- 4.91mm H2O/cm2; BFE- 98.98%; PFE- 98%; Blood Penetration Test- Pass; Flammability- Class 1(Pass)

TUV - EN-14683 Cleanliness microbial: 4cfu/g; Breathability- 4.91mm H2O/cm2; BFE- 98.46%; Blood Penetration Test- Pass

SITRA - BFE-99.8%; Breathability- 40 pascal/cm2; Splash Resistance-Pass; PFE- 99.88%; Flammability- Class 1 (Pass)

DRDO - PFE- 98%;

Lilaba - EN-14683 Check for integrity: pass; Breathability- 33.8 pascal/cm2; BFE- 99.1%; PFE- 98.1%; Blood Penetration Test- Pass; Splash Resistance 138mm hg; Absorbance Test- 0.02 OD; Residue on Evaporation-2.9mg; Acidity or Alkalinity-0.3; Heavy metal Ions- Not Detected; Oxidizable Test-0.2

Biocare Lab - Breathability- 35 pascal/cm2

ISO 13485:2016

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