Acrostar Turret Slitter

With the combination of the proven Pelican SoloSlit and with the advantages of our modern turret technology, ACROSTAR enables to reduce downtime and sustainably increase production throughout, especially when processing smaller batch sizes.

  • Speed :- 700mpm
  • Processed Material :- Plastic Films, Laminates & Paper
  • Max Unwind Reel Diameter :- 1000mm
  • Rewind Reel Diameter :- 600mm
  • Rewind Core Diameter :- 3” and 6” (Optional)
  • Minimum Slit Width :- 38mm and 25mm (Optional)
  • Tension Control :- Closed Loop
  • Reel changeover time on Rewinder :- Approx. 30 sec
Turret Slitter
Turret Slitter
Turret Slitter

The Machine

Rigid construction, prasice tension control with close loop tension control on rewinder and new generation of electronics and controls that offers maximum efficiency with wide range of substrates at high speed.
ACROSTAR is a compact machine that prevents wasting time on something that does not create value.

  • Entire machine is Control and Supervised by high performance logic/motion controller with common DC bus ensures low energy consumption.
  • Touch Interface Control Panel at both side Unwinder and Rewinder.
  • Designed considering safety of human and control.
  • Six Servo axis drive and motor control system, with four axis dedicated to rewinder.
  • Minimum wastage level and minimum operator hardship due to increase automation and easy operation system.
  • Online service support.

The new ergonomic designed slitting section provides a fast and convenient change from knife cutter to the rotary cutter.

New designed slitting section having all three slitting operations on board, i.e.,

  • Cut to air using a razor knife
  • Cut to groove using a razor knife
  • Rotary cutter

The operator does not require to make load unload bottom cutter shaft of the rotary cutter

  • Closed Loop Rewind Tension control using high performance differential winding shaft and loadcell feed-back.
  • Gives the optimum level of tension control over the rewinding process.
  • Equipped with Load cells to match the actual tension with the set tension, taper tension setting and current roll diameter
  • Tension control system automatically adjusts the air pressure to the rewind shafts
  • Performs well even with tension sensitive substrate.
  • High performance differential winding system utilizing ‘Ball lock’ units, ensures constant tension regardless of different width of the reel being rewound on the same shaft.
  • Turret type Rewinder ensures quick automatic reel change over with automatic cutting system.
  • The whole function is controlled and supervised by the high performance logic controller.
  • Touch screen operated automatic reel changeover with disc turnover displacing the reel in the correct splicing position. Pneumatically loaded pasting roller brings the web in contact with the new core having adhesive tape. No sooner the adhesive bonds the web, an automatic knife cuts the web.
  • The unloading stand provides support to cantilevered differential shafts during unloading operation.
  • It is design with maximum emphasis on operator convenience as well as safety. All rotating elements in slitting section are secured by safety covers and barriers.
  • Do other important tasks while your valuable finished products are automatically transferred to further handling operations with the appropriate removal module and without further operator intervention and the machine is already producing again.